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Welcome to KangaSound, the home of the Kangas Sound Editor and the Kangas Sound Editor QI.

Download the Kangas Sound Editor or Kangas Sound Editor QI for free. Although it comes from Oz, you don't need to use it upside down! You can create ace sound-effects and music with it!

The latest versions of the software are:

  • Kangas Sound Editor (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X): 4.2.0
  • Kangas Sound Editor QI (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X): 4.2.0

Click here for a list of Kangas Sound Editor/QI features.

Click here for the Internet's one and only listing of free KangaSound XML files!

Click here for the KangaSound 80's Music Project, which is seeking volunteers.

The Kangas Sound Editor/QI project needs your help! Click here for 10 ways to help the project.

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