44. Future directions

The Kangas Sound Editor/QI project currently has a number of development possibilities, see below for some of them. In order for any of these possibilities to actually materialise, help for this project is definitely needed by you! For 10 ways to help this project, click here

  1. In the short term, releasing version 3.2.2 of the software for Windows/Linux, which is a bug fix/maintenance release. Hopefully this can occur late in 2013.
  2. Adding enhancements for Track zero, which is the track that combines other tracks to create the final stereo .WAV audio file for the composition. A 'Show properties' menu function (with keyboard shortcut) would be added to the existing 'Track 0' menu, which would show similar properties and buttons to other tracks in the Properties view, but with customisations for the particular needs of Track zero. Hopefully this can be released in 2014 as part of release 3.3.0.
  3. Adding a new configuration checkbox 'Compute child intermediate files'. Currently, intermediate sound files are only computed and stored when the 'Keep intermediate file' checkbox is ticked/checked for an entity (e.g. a Sequence box) that you are currently computing directly, i.e. by pressing the 'Compute' or 'Compute kwik' buttons on that entity. When the new 'Compute child intermediate files' checkbox is checked, then child entities of an entity that you have chosen to compute by pressing the 'Compute' button (e.g. Sequence boxes if you are computing the track that contains them) that have 'Keep intermediate file' checked would also have intermediate sound files computed and stored, which would save computation time in future 'Compute kwik' operations. Hopefully this change can be released in 2014 as part of release 3.3.0.
  4. Adding an internal/integrated audio player, as an alternative to invoking an external audio player when the 'Play' button is pressed.
  5. Adding a spinner control to the start time in the toolbar. The time increment/decrement would correspond to the time unit radio button selected, e.g. the increment/decrement would be one second when the '1' radio button is selected, 1/10 second when the '1/10' radio button is selected.
  6. Support for audio formats other than .WAV - which formats yet to be decided.
  7. More than 2 channels (i.e. stereo) - upto 6 is envisaged.
  8. Adding an undo/redo facility.
  9. Providing a mechanism to allow lyrics to be input. These would appear in the Vocal view, for which a tree node under Tracks already exists.
  10. Support for other languages, possibly starting with español (Spanish).
  11. Integrated help.
  12. Implementing changes requested by users in Feature requests
  13. Moving from a simple listing of KangaSound XML files to a searchable database of KangaSound XML files, which can be downloaded, uploaded, rated, commented-on etc. For this to happen, there needs to be significantly more upload activity to the existing KangaSound XML file listing.
  14. Launching the KangaSound 80's music project. For this to happen, more volunteers are needed!